2023 Mug Club Membership

$360.00 $240.00


Sign up for the 2023 Bluebonnet Mug Club or get it as a gift for that special someone!

Member benefits include:

  • 20oz laser engraved stainless mug
  • First pour free every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Buy a beer, get a beer every Sunday (limit one).
  • Additional pours are same price as pints, but you get 20oz instead of 16oz
  • 10% discount on merchandise and Mug Club renewal 
  • Early entry to select events
  • Early access to upcoming seasonal beers
  • Exclusive access to experimental and one-off beers
  • Summer picnic (food & drinks included)
  • End of year party and group photo (food & drinks included)
  • Being a part of an elite beer enthusiast club and community :)

Cheers Y'all! Thanks for your support!

Prorated pricing model:

  • Jan - Mar    $360
  • Apr - Jun    $300
  • Jul - Sep    $240
  • Oct - Dec    $180