Cream Ale

An easy-drinking, all-season American craft beer. With a low bitterness level, light mouthfeel and crisp finish, this beer pairs well with just about any dish. Try it with a slice of pizza or a burger after a hard day's work. 5.5% ABV

Texas Pecan Brown Ale

Malty and rich, this brown ale has just enough bitterness to balance the flavors of caramel and chocolate. Much more approachable than a full-bodied porter this medium-bodied beer is crafted with Texas pecans to yield a subtle nuttiness. Try it with some roasted pork or barbecued brisket. 5.5% ABV

American Amber Ale

This crowd favorite is based upon an award-winning recipe from David's home brewing days. A non-traditional American amber with a large dose of late hops in the kettle results in a strong hop aroma and flavor profile supported by a firm, malty backbone. Think of it like an amber colored IPA without the high degree of bitterness.  Spicy Tex-Mex chicken enchiladas will bring out everything that this beer has to offer. 6.5% ABV

American IPA

Our version of another classic American style. Loaded with premium American hops, this golden ale bursts with citrus and piney notes. The clean, dry finish leaves you with a pleasantly smooth bitterness. Try it in it's classic pairing with a curry dish, although our favorite is with a big bowl of spicy Texas chili (hold the beans, please). 7% ABV

Seasonal Beers

Check back to get the scoop on seasonal and one-off brews that we're producing. They'll be posted here as we release them!

WINTER 2016: The first release of the Robust Porter! An American version of a classic English style. This substantial, malty, dark ale has a wonderfully complex and roasty character. 6.2% ABV

WINTER 2016: Vienna. Brewed to resemble certain aspects of our Oktoberfest, this brown lager goes down smoothly with a subtle bitterness and elegant maltiness. A great go-to beer with a lot of flavor and balance. If you like the dark lagers brewed south of the border, you'll love this! 5.5% ABV.

WINTER 2016Immortal Ten - Castellaw. This Belgian Quadrupel is inspired by the Trappist brewers of Belgium. This full-bodied autumn-colored ale features flavors of dark fruit and will warm you up on a cold winter's night. 10% ABV. Available only at the brewery initially with very limited local distribution to follow. This beer is dedicated to Mr. Jack Castellaw of Ennis, TX. Senior Scorer for the 1927 Baylor University men's basketball team.

FALL 2016: Our second Oktoberfest celebration sees the return of three German beers for the fall. A rich, amber/orange colored Oktoberfest beer; a spicy and balanced Hefeweizen; and a malty yet light Bavarian Helles. All three beers are absolutely delicious and available in very limited distribution in and around Round Rock.

SUMMER 2016: Immortal Ten - Winchester. This Imperial IPA is a showcase for classic American hops, but this golden ale is also everything you love about our house IPA and much, much more. The pleasantly firm bitterness is expertly balanced by the subtle sweetness of the malt and warmth of the alcohol. At 10% ABV and 133 IBUs you'll want to sip this one slowly and take time to reflect. Available only at the brewery to start with the possibility of a very limited local distribution to follow. This beer is dedicated to Mr. William Penn Winchester of Waco, TX. Senior center for the 1927 Baylor University men's basketball team.

SUMMER 2016: Due to popular demand, the Summer Wit was born. Folks were so distraught to see the spring seasonal go away that we brought it back for the summer with a slight recipe reformulation. Instead of using Texas red grapefruit zest, we infused bitter Seville orange peel into this light and refreshing beer. Spiced with cracked coriander and lightened with a hint of chamomile, it goes nicely with chicken fajitas or shrimp tacos. It'll help make the hot central Texas summers much more enjoyable. 5.4% ABV

SPRING 2016: Based on David's award-winning homebrew recipe, the Belgian Wit is an annual crowd favorite. Spiced with cracked coriander and brightened with the zest of fresh Texas Red Grapefruit, this beer is light, crisp and refreshing. Perfect for a cool, clear spring day in central Texas. Pairs nicely with lemon chicken or frog legs. 5.4% ABV

WINTER 2015: The Smoked Porter was our first seasonal in 2014 and returned for 2015 in the Brewery and select retail outlets. Deep, dark and rich with a subtle beechwood smokiness make this porter a great companion to beef and pork dishes. 

FALL 2015: Our first Oktoberfest celebration deserved something special so we brewed three special, authentically styled German beers for the fall. A rich, amber/orange colored Oktoberfest beer; a spicy and balanced Hefeweizen; and a malty yet light Bavarian Helles. All three beers are absolutely delicious and can ONLY be found at the brewery.

SUMMER 2015: Another classic style, this American Pale Ale is brewed Columbus hops and drizzled with Orange Blossom Honey for a delicate sweetness and floral aroma. First brewed as a pilot batch with the Round Rock Homebrewers Guild, this beer was so popular in our 'research' that promotion of the OBH Pale Ale to Seasonal status was inevitable. Drink it with a plate of Texas BBQ.